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I am having multiple problems with the new OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 installation. I have experienced a series of downright maddening problems which down the servers and other subsystems. So-called "gurus" at the opensuse forum have not been helpful at all, they just feed me a bunch of B.S. red herrings, usually blaming me for alegedly "misconfiguring" the servers. What a pile of rancid crap! Since the initial install of Leap 42.2 in early December I have formatted and reinstalled the OS an additional SIX times, and each time I get a broken FTP server and a slew of different problems which change with each sucessive reinstall. I even witnessed configuration settings for the OS changing all by themselves! How weird is that?!!

Calible also has stopped working properly and the a**hole gurus (they are often rude and conceited when they actually bother to reply at all) at the Caliber forum usually won't even bother to help at all, let alone pass me another red herring like the gurus at opensuse forum do. I have lost about half the books in the library as a result of these f***ing problems. I'm pretty pissed about this. I have been using Linux since 1995 and have never before experienced such a clusterf**k of inexplicable problems. At this point I'm blaming OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 itself for all the trouble, it's just not stable. I'm looking at switching to a different distro, as long as it's RPM-based. Maybe Fedora this time. Considering all the specialized configuration and fine-tuning I use, switching to a different distro is going to be a month-long, labor-intensive thankless job. I am NOT looking forward to it.

Welcome back!


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  3. My FTP server.

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  5. My Gopher server
    1. About gopher Servers:
      Gopher servers were what we had before there were any web pages. Primitive by modern web page standards (no images, only text), but amazingly fast text file transfers! Still great for sharing plain text files. And yes, images can be provided, they just have to be listed in a menu so the user can select one to view.

      NOTE: To access the gopher protocol you must use a dedicated gopher client or a web browser that supports it, (like Lynx for Windows). Firefox used to recognise the gopher protocol, and you can add gopher capability back into Firefox using this addon: OverbiteFF. Add OverbiteFF to your Firefox and you'll be able to reach GopherSpace with ease! (Works on Android too!)

      Other (off-site) Gopher resources can be found here: (HEY, YOU! Read this: These are real gopher links, so you have to read and follow the NOTE in the preceeding paragraph before you can follow these gopher links!)

    2. What is Gopher?
    3. All you wanted to know about Gopher (protocol)
    4. Gopherpedia, the gopher interface to Wikipedia
    5. gopherspace.de - German Gopher Service
    6. U.S. Weather maps and forecasts via Floodgap Groundhog
      (updates occur throughout the day)
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      (updates occur daily/regularly)
    8. Search gopherspace using Veronica-2, (courtesy of Floodgap.)

  6. The Behne Family Genealogy Project
  7. If you're a relative of myself, my wife, or anyone already listed in the database, then join up and add to our family tree!

  8. My Amateur Radio Station, N3GHE
  9. I've been a ham radio operator since about 1989. This page shows some of my radios and other gear.

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